Solution Overview

Safeguard your IP in the Metaverse

Veritone Verify provides centralized asset management, transparent ownership and rights, and accelerated monetization for your content that you can use in the metaverse, transforming it into synthetic media or NFTs.


Centralized Asset Management

Manage your digital assets for NFT minting, content licensing, as well as leverage our services to manage your NFTs in a single place.

Control access to all of your media and NFTs, editing metadata and hashcodes residing on the blockchain.

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Transparent Ownership and Rights

Retain final approval and ownership of any synthetic media you create with Veritone.

Define who, where, and how your synthetic media can be used.

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Accelerated Monetization

Consult our content experts to uncover content licensing opportunities and acquire the expertise to monetize your synthetic media.

Bring past and future content to light for monetization or NFT transformation with AI-automated metadata tagging, decreasing time to discovery for each asset.

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IP & Asset Protection

Red wave

IP Protection and Management

Maintain complete control over your content for traditional channels and the metaverse.