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Build Your Virtual Persona with Veritone Avatar

The metaverse is opening up new worlds and possibilities, and to be a part of it, you’ll need a virtual persona that represents your brand and values as accurately as possible. With Veritone Avatar, you can create an ultra-realistic, custom 3D avatar that serves as an extension of your individual or brand identity.

Use Case: Virtual Meet-Ups

Make Real Connections Virtually

Many businesses and schools turned to video conferencing platforms for online classes and work-from-home arrangements. However, these platforms fall short when it comes to creating engaging experiences. With 3D avatars, you can recreate the in-person experience.

VeriVerse Solutions Avatar virtual connections
Use Case: NFT Avatars

Build Unique Experiences

NFT avatars are in demand. Not only is each one unique and unlike any other, but because of these artistic details, they’re also scarce. It’s a fantastic way to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for a customer while showcasing your brand’s likeness, a mascot, or even a celebrity endorsement with their expressed permission.

VeriVerse Solutions Avatar buid unique experiences

Craft Engaging Promotions

Whether in the metaverse or more traditional online shopping platforms, there’s a space for avatars in the eCommerce sector. Along with building tokenized versions of real-world assets, brands and individuals can create 3D avatars to interact with customers and help create an experience that mirrors the offline world rather than strictly relying on digital marketing tactics.

Veriverse Solutions Avatar engageing promotions
Use Case: Social Media

Interact with Customers

The metaverse is taking social media to a new level. With a life-like, unique 3D avatar, businesses, influencers, and talent can all connect with their followers and social media communities in a way that brings people even closer together with realistic, virtual interactions.

VeriVerse Solutions Avatar interact with customers
Use Case: Customer Support and Sales

Create Meaningful Engagements

With avatars, brands can create stronger first impressions during customer support and sales interactions, offering a more lifelike experience for prospects and existing customers especially when combined with conversational AI (CAI).

VeriVerse Solutions Avatar meaningful engagements
Use Case: Patient Care

Offer Greater Virtual Care

Patients often complain that virtual healthcare lacks a human connection, causing them to feel like they are merely a case number. With avatars, healthcare providers can offer patients a more lifelike experience.

VeriVerse Solutions Avatar virtual care

Veritone CEO Chad Steelberg, Avatar in the Making

Have you ever wondered what the process is like to build an ultra realistic 3D human avatar? Combined with synthetic voice, conversational digital humans powered by AI humanize the digital experience particularly in areas of recruiting, healthcare, customer service, education, virtual assistants, sales, and much more.


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