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Veritone Voice surpasses boundaries that traditional, human voice can’t. Maximize your message by sharing in any gender, language, accent, or dialect. The Veritone Voice managed services team works with your brand’s representatives and preferred voice source to acquire the data needed to build a voice clone for future or existing projects. The self-serve application has access to over 200 stock voices and over 100 languages that can be customized with text-to-speech technology.

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Headshot of Randy Hahn

Spoken by Randy Hahn's verified voice clone,

NHL Sports Play-by-play Commentator

headshot of Bryan Barletta

Spoken by Bryan Barletta's verified voice clone,

Host of Sounds Profitable Podcast

Native English speaker in Spanish

headshot of Mike Zemetra

Spoken by Mike Zemetra's verified voice clone,

Corporate CFO

Native English speaker in English, French, Italian

Recognized By

Use Case: Localization, Regionalization, and Personalization

Overcome Language Barriers

Today, great importance is placed on diversity and inclusion in content. Synthetic voice can assist in diversifying how your brand connects with people through language, dialect, accent, or even gender.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice overcome language barriers
Use Case: Audio Descriptions

Accessible and Inclusive Content

Producers can now use synthetic voice to narrate and provide key visual descriptors in TV shows, movies, theater, and other visual productions to create a more inclusive experience for those who are visually impaired.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice Accessible content
Use Case: Advertisements and Endorsements

Minimize Production Costs

Scale content creation by removing the need to coordinate additional recording time for ads and endorsements with celebrities, athletes, influencers, broadcasters, sports announcers, and more in multiple languages after acquiring their approval.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice Minimize production costs
Use Case: Voiceover for News, Financial, and Weather Reporting

Increase Vocal Lineup

Beyond consumable content like in the media such as news and financial reports, you can increase your vocal capabilities to provide more varied content for weather, travel, and other announcements over air or in public areas.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice increase vocal lineup
Use Case: Voice Over for Scene Narration

Create Immersive Content

Whether using a stock voice or a familiar talent, synthetic voice makes it easy to insert and edit voice-overs in film, TV, video games and sports events. Within minutes, brands can create captivating voice-overs in nearly any language.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice Immersive content
Use Case: Resurrect Deceased Voice Talent

Reunite Fans Ethically

Even if a well-loved talent has passed away, their characters and personality live on in their work and fans. With synthetic voice, producers can partner with the talent’s estate or IP owner to create engaging legacy projects with the proper approvals.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice reunite fans
Use Case: Audiobooks

Personalize and Scale Production

Traditional audiobook production has a tendency to sap resources, such as hourly charges and inconsistent voice outputs. Synthetic voice makes it easier to achieve immersive, lifelike narrations using a stock voice or verified voice of talent.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice Row personalize and scale

Enhance Educational Content

Synthetic voice provides a cost-effective way to create more engaging content at scale for courses or employee onboarding and training programs, improving overall attendance, attentiveness, and retention.

VeriVers_Solutions Voice Enhance Educational content
Use Case: Financial Earnings

Automize Earnings Calls

With AI voice, brands can easily and realistically clone their executives’ authorized voice, offering a quick, one-hour turnaround and guarantee the call will follow the planned agenda.

VeriVerse Solutions Voice Auytomate earnings calls

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Our Promise

Veritone takes the use and application of AI seriously. While voice clone technology is powerful, it should be used in a way that’s clear, compliant and ethical. We uphold the highest standards of security, and believe that transparency maintains that trust. We will always protect you, your voice identity, and any IP you create with our technology.


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Veritone Voice FAQ

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