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Ethics Is Our Core Tenant

Veriverse takes the use and application of AI seriously and upholds the highest standards of protection and security.

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The Trusted Enterprise Metaverse Advisor

Veriverse is designed for individual content rights holders who need enhanced content capabilities and large enterprises to build advanced media workflows with multiple cognitive capabilities such as synthetic audio and avatars, transcription, translation, keyword detection, and more. Veritone’s team of experts walk you through what you will need to enter and participate in the metaverse.

Proven Expertise

Regulated practices

Training data, voice models, and synthetic media are stored in a highly secured, access-controlled digital asset management environment, protecting it from unauthorized use.

Digital persona management

Manage synthetic voice and avatars through our platform where you control who, where, and how your content is used.

Licensing & clearances services

With decades of experience in licensing content from major brands, you can leverage our experts to navigate the complexities of monetizing your media.

Copyright Protection

The content used to create NFTs goes through our teams, enabling us to protect you against any potential copyright infringement by another party.

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Proven AI Technology

Vast AI Ecosystem

Unlock new use cases and revenue streams with a platform that supports some of the world’s most recognized brands with 300+ AI models.

Hyper-expansive Enterprise AI Platform

Veritone’s proven Enterprise AI platform, aiWARE, is the technology foundation upon which Veritone has helped customers and partners successfully adopt and deploy AI solutions.

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Our Promise for Good

Veritone takes the use and application of AI seriously. While synthetic media technology is powerful, it should be used in a way that is clear, compliant, and consenting.

Veritone upholds the highest standards of security and believes that transparency maintains that trust. We will always protect you, your voice identity, and any IP you create with our technology.

  • Prohibiting the generation and learning of unauthorized voice models
  • Controlled access to voice models
  • Audible and inaudible fingerprint verification

Veritone is an active member of the IAB and Open Voice Network to develop global best practices for synthetic content.

VeriVerse Solutions verify ownership rights

Democratizing the Ethical Use of AI


Veritone brings together over 300 of the world’s leading AI models to solve content challenges.

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3 of the top 5 entertainment companies in the world are Veritone customers.

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6 of largest media companies that control 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to are Veritone customers.


Veritone Voice FAQ

Veritone Voice FAQ

What’s the difference between synthetic voice, voice synthesis, voice cloning, and deepfake voice? Learn more in the comprehensive Veritone Voice FAQ

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White Paper

The Truth About Deepfakes, Synthetic Voice, And Voice Cloning

Like all technologies, synthetic voice is not inherently good or bad. Therefore it is incumbent on the players in this space to ensure ethical transparent, and consensual use Work is actively underway to create strict parameters for the ethical use of synthetic voice and Veritone is involved in those efforts.

Sounds Profitable Case Study

Sounds Profitable Reaches 20% Of The World’s Audiences With Aivoice

Since implementing the Spanish version of Sounds Profitable with Bryan’s custom voice, there has been a spike in podcast subscriptions.

Sounds Profitable Case Study
Data sheet

Lifelike Synthetic Voice - Custom And Stock Voices

Use AI generated voices to create ads, scene narrations, voiceovers, training videos, audiobooks, and more without additional studio time.

Everything you Need to Know About Deepfake Voice
Blog Series

Everything You Need To Know About Deepfake Voice

When done ethically, deepfake voice, also known as voice cloning or synthetic voice, can be a force for good

Sounds Profitable Case Study
Demo Video

Humanizing The Digital Experience

Combine lifelike voices to ultra realistic avatars, also known as a digital human or clone, for the ultimate digital human experience.

Veritone Metaverse

The Rise of the Metaverse

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Ethical Synthetic Media

Securely create synthetic media and protect your visual and vocal identity.